The Date Room

Store Overview

The Date Room is an Emirati brand, founded in 2013 in Abu Dhabi, by a seasoned Emirati entrepreneur, whom and his family owns and cares for Date farms all around the UAE, these farms which they have inherited from their parents and grand parents always had a personal care, they produced super quality dates that been served on their family tables for generations, with every snack, meal and specially in Ramadan, these dates always drew a smile on someone’s face, whether the kids who like the sweetness of the fruit or the mother who needed a good taste with the health benefits that came with it. The dates were never considered as a food item, whether to this family or the whole country and region, they’re a part of life and culture in all it’s ups and downs, found on every table, in every office, with every gift to the friend or even the needy. Our business idea was formulated on a very solid grounds and clear mission, this fruit that we grew and loved for generations can be made available to everyone via a luxury brand that will present it and sell it in a way that will clearly tell the unique story that every piece of dates carries. Just like a hand made swiss watch, every piece gets the extreme care even before it flowers with the personal care that goes to the trees and farms, then piece by piece in every step of the way until they’re served.

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