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Daiso Japan started in 1997 & grown to over 5,500 great stores worldwide. There are over 3,500 Daiso stores in Japan. Daiso Japan is a Japanese Variety & Value Concept Store that offers products with unrivaled excellent value to help enhance people’s lives and make them more convenient & delightful. The secret to this highly competitive, low-pricing, high-quality & success is “Massive Global Expansion”. Daiso Japan’s selection boasts an astounding 80,000 different items & 800 new products introduced monthly. Here, customers will find everything they need to enhance their daily lives and make them more convenient and delightful. Browsing the colorful aisles is surprisingly fun, as you will venture upon all kinds of treasures you never knew you needed. Daiso means Large Creation & Achievement/Think Out of the Box. This concept brand focuses on Uniqueness, Variety, and Quality.

Daiso Japan has made tremendous growth within the GCC region since 2004, starting with 4 stores in Dubai and successfully expanding to 75+ stores all over the UAE & GCC.

For more info, visit https://daisome.com/

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