La Maison Gateau

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At the very heart of the restaurant is our dedication to celebrating
the essential nature of every ingredient. This results in delicious
dishes of great subtlety, created with simple produce. From here
the journey begins.

La Maison Gateau, it's as much a favorite among neighborhood
residents as it is among food-tourists who know to seek it out.
You'll find slices of bread of all varieties here, breakfast pastries—
special mention for the Lava Cake, a variant of pâtisseries. The
Lava Cake is one of the shop's best sellers, as are the seasonal

La Maison Gateau is known for hearty rustic loaves (try the VOL
AU VANT ), mini-pavés (small, doughy bread in the shape of a
cobblestone that is often filled with cheese, veggies, or other
savory ingredients), and the PISTACHIO NUTELLA it's a
chocolate-pistachio cake. Everything moves fast, so we don't be
surprised if the staff is hyperactive: they want to keep the line
flowing smoothly. customers are curious about an ingredient
after the tasting.

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